Reading Emails

Following an issue on the server, opening and viewing messages is a promlem. Can you assist please

Can you explain a bit more what the problem is and what caused it?

on win 10 1709 eMclient 7 has stopt showing the message preview in the preview window. it keeps saying download but it takes for ever. Two different google  iMap accounts behave exactly the same. re-install has not helpt

After no mail this morning had to reset the system with SKY’s assistance, problem now is that it takes a long time before I can read the message itsself.

This morning I was unable to receive mail, but after deleting and resetting this system with Sky’s assistance all of the mail came though.

Are emails not downloading at all, or is it just very slow?

So all is now OK?

They are downloading ok, but it takes ages to open both new messages and sent messages.

All sorted this evening following updates. Thank you.

Regret your download to read  emails is still much slower than it was a week ago ??