Reading email from two Windows laptops in same account

We have two Windows10 laptops running Free eM client on one and the Pro version on the other. Both share the same 2 gmail accounts configured as POP3. We wish to read the same emails on both. At the moment, once one laptop reads an email, it is not seen by the other. Previously we used Thunderbird and this was possible. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks

Update: I might also add that we also have two Android phones also sharing the same two gmail accounts and they have no problem reading the same emails. This suggests to me that it is an email client issue and not a gmail issue.

To sync the same content on both computers, they should both be using IMAP, not POP3.

That way they will both have access to the Sent, Inbox and other folders. If you read a message on one, it will be marked as read on the other. If you send a message on one, you will see it on the other. It also allows you to begin a draft on one, and finish it on the other, so there are many advantages.

The best way to setup the Gmail account is to go to Menu > Accounts and add a new account. Enter the email address in the Automatic Setup and complete the wizard. You will get email, calendars and contacts.

When that is done, you can move any messages from the POP3 folders back to the IMAP folders, then remove the POP3 account.

This way both computers and phones will share the same data.

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Gary, I’ve completed the steps you requested in Ticket: #133966. Can’t seem to reply there, maybe it was closed. I’ve sent logs for both computer 1 and 2 as instructed. Hope it helps solve the bug.