Read/unread sync?

Hello! I have three work (Outlook) accounts syncing to eM. I use BlueMail on my mobile device for these three accounts as well. If I read and reply to a message on BlueMail, the reply will be in my Sent box on eM but the original message will still show as unread. Is there a way to address that? Sorry if I missed it in the forums – feel free to point me to an existing thread it it exists!

Are the accounts setup as POP3 or IMAP in BlueMail?

Hi, Gary:

The accounts are listed in BlueMail as ActiveSync; BlueMail allows for auto-setup (login with email and password for each and it pulls in the necessary info). It’s confusing to me because my responses show up in the Sent box in eM Client … it’s just that the original message doesn’t show as ‘read’. Thoughts?

I’m not sure how ActiveSync works but I assumed it was similar to IMAP. If you delete an Inbox message in BlueMail, is it also deleted in eM Client?

Yes, when I delete on BlueMail, it deletes on eM. The sync timing is slow. However, with the one email I happened to be looking at before, what happened was that the email came in yesterday (when I wasn’t on my computer or eM). I replied via phone using BlueMail. When I logged into eM Client today, the email message was showing as unread.

I think it’s at least partially a sync timing issue. I just had a new email come into eM Client, but it isn’t showing on BlueMail.


I use Blue Mail on my phone for my Gmail account… I don’t use ActiveSync and don’t do any syncing with eMC, but, I would suggest you might want to contact Blue Mail support and see if they have any suggestions or at least eliminate Blue Mail from being the cause of your problem

Thank you so much, sunriseal. I’m just getting back into eM Client, so this week will certainly be a test to see how BlueMail interacts.