Read Receipts are not sent

I have checked ‘Request a read receipt for all sent messages’ in settings (
but there is nothing in the email source code that i sent

i sent email to the gmail and checked its source code - there should be some <img> tag with special src that will track if user opened the email - there is nothing like that

when I do exactly the same thing with Mailbird client, then I can nicely see the tracking image and I instantly receive read confirmation

…so am I doing something wrong, or it is some bug or deprecated feature?
Is it using some other magic method that I’m not aware of?
If so, then where can I see the Read confirmation?

No there won’t be because we do not allow automatic tracking of messages through tracing pixels for sent messages. Besides, it may be illegal in your country to do that without the recipient’s express consent.

You can request a read receipt on the message you send, but that is up to the recipient to acknowledge. If the recipient is like me, they may have completely disabled read receipt notices in their email application, so they will never even know you have requested one. Or they can just ignore it.

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Hey @kubiq

To further emphasise the advice from @Gary

Obviously I don’t know where you are, however, that could be irrelevant.

In Europe under GDPR you need explicit permission to track (read confirmation) any EU resident’s emails, whether they are prospects or customers, even if you are sending from outside the EU.
Without your recipients opting in to email tracking, GDPR legislation states you can not use email tracking to tell:
1,/ If an email you sent was opened and or read
2./ When that email was opened
3./ How many times it was opened
4./ If it was transferred to others
5./ To which email server it was sent, including its location
6./ What kind of web navigator and operating system the recipient of the email uses.

Be aware that if you are caught tracking without permission, subsequently prosecuted
and convicted the punishments are severe

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Thank you for the answer.
Well, that’s a pity, because it’s amazing feature.
I don’t think that anyone cares about some consent as every second email I receive has this tracking pixel.
I guess there are no email body variables, dynamic data or shortcodes that I can use to create my own?

Thank you, but as I wrote to Gary - I don’t think that anyone cares about some GDPR or consent in this.
Every email sent with some 3rd party service like mailchimp, mailgun, or other campaign tools have a tracking pixel and also many mail clients provide this functionality