Read only error when trying to add calendar appointment in Google internet calendar

Hi, I have just shared a couple of calenders from my Google account by adding my alternate email address to permissions (full access).   I have copied link to Em client and I can see all entries in calendar but I am unable to create new entries from Em client.  I get the error message read only?  Has anyone else come across this?

Hi Darran,

If you added the calendar with a link then you added it as an internet calendar and so you can only see the details but you can’t make any changes - the calendar is read only. Unfortunately, because of Google is not offering its api for the calendar delegation to 3rd side apps, we don’t support it. So even in you see the delegated calendar in Google Webmail, you won’t see it in eM Client. This is only available for Exchange and IceWarp calendars.


Same problem; If I import a holiday calendar, it turns my main calendar to “read on”. How can I use a holiday import and not crew up the calendar.