Read ".dat" files from saved mails

Hi everybody,

In 2017, I launched a backup for all my emails (recepted, sent…).
It created a compressed backup folder with a lot of “.dat” files. Today, I need to read again all these emails.

How can I do to process please ?
I already try to import files or simply open files, but I can’t.

Thank You.

miércoles 19 agosto 2021 :: 1245hrs (UTC +01:00)


That’s a big ask!
You will first need to know from where the files were extracted and then
try to import them into the same version of the program if that’s even
possible after all this time.
They are probably SQL files and you might be able to read them if
you have a compatible SQL program.

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I tried to find in the last version of EmClient, and nowhere there’s a function to import DAT files ! Incredible !
Download the old version of EmClient without to be sure it will accept DAT FILES… hard !

I tried online converters web sites but they are limited to 100Mo or des refuse to make the convertion.

You cannot import dat files.

When you make a backup, it takes a snapshot of the complete database. When you restore it, it will revert the database to how it was at that time.

You cannot restore just a selection of the backup. It is all or nothing.

There is a way to retrieve selected data from the backup, but it is more complicated.

  1. Disconnect the computer from the Internet. This is important!

  2. Make a backup using Menu > Backup, so we can come back to the current database later.

  3. Restore the old backup that has the data you want to retrieve.

  4. When that is done, export any data you need.

  5. Restore the backup made in step 2.

  6. Reconnect to the Internet.

  7. Import the data from step 4.