Read and unread messages

I have this problem.
When I receive a message, it is “bold” (unread).
After some seconds I selected it, it becomes “not bold” (read).
Then I delete it (with canc button on keyboard), and the message is moved to dustbin folder, “not bold”.
If I change screen (selecting another window or program), and after some minutes I come back to EM client, the messages deleted before comes back to “bold” (unread status).
I have to go to dustbin folder and select them again, to change the status from unread to read.

If I want to avoid this problem, I have to do these steps.
When receive mail, selected it and wait until status change (from bold to “not bold”).
Change screen to another program.
Come back immediately to EM client and only now delete the message.

Versione of EM client: 8.1.979 (65fd04a), free version


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I also noticed this behavior in some versions of 8.1. For me it usually happened when I delete the message before it has completely downloaded from the server, or if I delete the message before eM Client has announced it as a new message. I also noticed that if I gave the message some time in the Inbox, when I deleted it, it did not return to bold.

I have no solution for you, unfortunately.