Read and unread mail

I see read and unread mail, is a frequent topic. If I configure the setting “mark as read after displaying for(say) 10 seconds” when the Emails arrive and I am away from the computer or on another task, after 10 seconds the top Email received and displayed becomes read.  What is the point therefore of this configuration please?

If I minimise emclient to the tray and then bring it back on the screen having unticked “mark as read after…”)  the top Email displayed becomes read.

This is really frustrating.    Its a dealbreaker for my wife who is always complaining that new mail does not come up bold and she is asking me to go back to Thunderbird.  I’ve spent hours downloading .csv files and producing distribution lists and like your program, apart from the read and unread aspect which I can live with, but my wife can’t.

Hello, sorry but if the focus is set on the message and the message is opened in the UI, eM Client will eventually mark it as read, or are you suggesting that a new message received after you hide the client will gain focus and eventually marked as read?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

Thank you,

In a nutshell, messages get marked as read spontaneously, without any input from me.  A nice Email client diminished by a small fault, which means we’re unable to see unread messages at a glance.  I’ve read all the threads on this it can be rectified by yourselves, despite what you say.  Other Email clients can manage it.

Sorry, I have the very latest version of 6 as I only downloaded 4 days ago.

Please check the exact release, as I suggested if the message is set focus, it will be marked as read, in order to keep your messages unread you have to turn the focus on your inbox folder perhaps or the category under which your received emails are sorted.


I’ve uninstalled the program.  Sorry.