Re-load of eM Client did not work?????

I did a clean install of windows 8.1. I re-downloaded eM Client. The new install said you have 30 days to activate it. I chose activate free version. It said I already had an account and sent me the activation code. After 30days my eM Client stopped working??

Too bad.  A really nice program that is better than outlook BUT it just doesn’t seem to work.  And nobody seems to know why.  I’m about to give up.

Hi John,

I assume you’ve entered the activations code which you’ve received into eM Client?

Hi Edward,

What of eM Client is not working for you?

I get a continuously reoccurring pop up that has my username and password and says NOT AUTHORIZED by server. I have re-loaded the program 3 times. Same thing happens every time. I have also changed my gmail password. Even though I don’t like it, Outlook is working perfectly.

Hi Edward, can you make a screenshot of the issue? As I understand the issue occurs with your gmail account? Are you by any chance using two-step verification on your gmail account?
Also please try to make completely sure you’re using the right credentials with your account.

Thank you,

Hi John, did you use the activation key in Help > License, entered the key and clicked on activate?

Thank you,

No. That’s my problem. There is nowhere to enter the activation code!

Everything. It want’s an activation code but there is no where to enter it!

This is ridiculous! Thanks that worked only thing is; someone would have to hunt a million years to find this! It needs to be on the pop up screen saying you trial period is nearly up. Just a button saying enter your activation code here.

Let me clarify that. Thank you. Your suggestion is just what I needed to do. My email is working fine now.

The issue is: the process is not at all clear. You need to make it straight forward and explicit. When the pop up screen comes up saying you have only X number of days left in you trial period. There should be a line that says; “If you have an activation code enter it here.” and a button below that that says “enter code.” When you click the button a little pop up screen that provides space for the code appears and there you go. Straight forward.

Hi John, I believe that after the license registration or purchase instructions on where to enter the license key should be shown. But thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this in future releases.

Thank you, glad that everything works now, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions,