Re-Installation of eMClient, licence invalid

In June 2014 I bought 2 licences to install on my PC and on my notebook. After re-installation of my PC, eMClient says that my licence is invalid and decreased automatically to the free version. I cannot register my Activation-Key that I used before re-installation. The system says that I already have installed two licences. How can I re-activate my purchased licence for my PC?

Hi Axel, if you’ve reinstalled your computer, is it possible you haven’t deactivated the previous activation in eM Client’s license options? If not, please login into our licensing system at using the credentials you should’ve received after your license purchase with the activation key.

In the licensing system you should be able to manage your licenses/activations allowing you to deactivate the currently active instances and use your activation key on your current eM Client installation.

Hope this helps,