RE-enter all data, even mail accounts.

This morning when opening my mail, something has occurred that should not have happened. It is requiring me to sign up again, enter accounts, all e-mail received since install have gone away. What has happened to this e-mail client that looks so good yet performs so bad?

What has happened to the Employees that created this e-mail client that looks good and has many features that most businesses could or want to use are so absent from this Community to help customers. Or do we have to pay first to get any response? If I could I would but when you are at my age and on a fixed income with a very tight budget it is not always possible. Do you have any members that know enough about this software to be able to answer some of our questions?

One thing I would like to point out to you, if you are there, when you have posted it seems some of what is mentioned assumes the reader knows all of your terms and technical approach to the issue. A little link to some of your terms with explanations so we can learn what you are trying to say. Maybe it is just me and not able to connect the dots in some of the abbreviated answers I have read. I may be an ‘ole dog’ but can learn and maybe later on be better at explaining what is wrong or what needs to be improved. With your HELP we all can be better at using your product, “Word of Mouth” is the VERY BEST ADVERTISEMENT you can get. Without that it can be a struggle.

Thank you for reading my post,