RC email import from ver 6 and empty email bodies

I was using version 6 and this morning decided to upgrade to RC 7.0.26055.0 due to scaling issues on a 3k notebook display. Before I upgraded I performed backup in eM client.

Now I wanted to reply to some earlier email from a few days ago and uncovered that quite a few emails no longer have the body content. It appears to be random as some HTML content some text are showing up fine and some are not. When I view email source The body is missing as well. These are emails I originally read before in ver 6 therefore I’m 100% sure they arrived fine and contained the body.

From what I remember the installation of RC performed import of the messages which I’m guessing for some reason massed up the body of many emails. What I can try to do is note details for a few good and bad emails, then look in to rolling back to ver 6 and restoring the backup and then getting details for the same emails to hopefully help to identify what in those emails caused the issue with the import.

Hello Darius,
thank you for reporting this issue, could you please tell me if this happened on a specific mail account and which one was it? Or did this happen on numerous accounts? Were they set up as IMAP/POP/Exchange?
Could you perhaps send us the backup of your database from version 6 and the problematic messages for analysis?
If you do, please send them to rust@emclient.com with a link to this forum topic.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Hi, thanks for the reply, it happened on two accounts, one SMTP to my personal server Mail Enable (this part did not change for over a year) and one IMAP for google account. I took screenshots of the few emails and saved them as .eml. Uninstalled and reinstalled ver 6. Was able to confirm all the ‘empty’ emails look good in the ver 6 database therefore it has to be the import process that somehow failed to import the body part of many messages. Note that once on RC the new messages all looked good.

I’m happy to send the screenshots and separate email files both from ver 6 and RC.  Sending backups of the database would be harder as my ver 6 pre-import backup is 800+mb and post upgrade ver 7 is 1.5gb. That in itself is interesting as the size almost doubled for the backup of almost identical data set. The ver 7 backup file contains maybe 100 more emails (no extra attachments) therefore no idea why it would be almost twice the size.


I also experienced some emails that looked empty but actually containing the body content but it was scrolled down off the screen and had to scroll the message window up. The other missing body emails did not contain anything when I viewed the email source. 

Will be sending the screenshots and eml files shortly.


email just sent, please confirm you got it, thanks