Randomly asking for password - Office365 account

This is on Mac Catalina.

I’ve set up two accounts in eM Client, both are Office 365 using the auto setup. I also have 4 other accounts connected to eM Client. Only the two that are Office365 have this issue of randomly asking for user name and password.

Entering the correct user name and password and clicking OK doesn’t stick. It keeps asking until I click cancel.

Even when clicking cancel the app continues to send and receive email just fine. So there isn’t an issue with the user name and password. 

I’ve deleted the accounts and set up again. No go. Same problem.

I’ve deleted eM Client and reinstalled multiple times. No go. Same problem. Keeps asking for the user name and password. 

This is so frustrating. I find eM Client to be quite buggy in general (have had weird problems primarily with syncing on both my Mac and PC) but this is the most irritating of all the bugs. 
Anyway ideas on how to address?

Hello Chris,

Thank you for your report.
As a PRO user, you can contact our PRO support at http://support.emclient.com/ where my colleagues will help you with any issues.
We sent you the login information in the initial licence email.


With all due respect, this is kind of rubbish for an answer.  Solving this kind of problem should NOT be restricted to pro users.  I have two Office 365 email addresses that I’ve merged together under em client.  BUT, em client constantly asks for my usr name and password for each of them, despite periodically doing an effective sync.  The answer to this is fundamental and should be considered FAQ, e.g. available to all usrs.

This is exactly the same issue I’ve been having albeit with Mojave as my OS.  Is there a fix?

I downloaded EMClient for the first time to test out today and nearly deleted it about half an hour later after continual password prompts for my O365 accounts (GSuite’s fine).

Was a bit disappointed to see the lack of any actual answers from the team here - as I’m not going to spend cash on a piece of software for basic support when, to all intents & purposes it didn’t work.

However… On the offchance it made a difference, I installed the V8 beta - https://www.emclient.com/blog/em-client-8-beta-is-finally-here-340

So far, perfect behaviour and all seems to be working as it should - WITHOUT continual password prompts. 

Hope that helps!

No v8 beta for Mac users. 

The version 8 beta for Mac was released more than a week back. You can find it in the Release History.

Yes, there were some issues recently which was caused by a change that Microsoft made on the Office 365 servers. There was an announcement on this forum, and a fix followed immediately.

Maybe that is related. :wink:

Couldn’t see any announcements - searched but didn’t find anything except people being told to contact support. Either way, the beta seems to work a treat :slight_smile:

Office 365 is junk! Their is your problem. I tried it–dumped it. Have stand alone office 2019 and this program and all is good.

I had this problem with my outlook client too since a week or so. I don’t think it has anything to do with EMclient. In fact, that’s why I’m testing EMclient now, to get rid of O365 accounts and Outlook.