Random Recurring Calendar Notifications after Dismissal

After the recent update, the calendar notifications from eM Client keep recurring even after I’ve dismissed them either manually or using the Windows 10 notifications “clear all notifications” feature. This happens fairly consistently upon waking my laptop from sleep or hibernation where previously dismissed notifications from the past few days will be queued up and start notifying me until I again “clear all notifications”.

Agreed this seems like new behavior. I had a past meeting reminder pop 4 times or so until I just closed emclient.

Just happened to me again. Seems to be while a meeting is up on the screen, I get something like “this meeting has changed” and then I get a cascade of old reminders. Sometimes 5-6.

I ended up turning the Windows notifications OFF and only use eM Client notifications and that did the trick for me.


Hi, I have the same problem, I receive calendar notifications that took place over half a year ago and not just 1 but of about 20-30 appointments.

Any idear to fix it? Without turning of the Notification for eM Client

Unless they fix the bug, turn off only Windows notifications and you still get the eMclient pop-up notifications.

adding to this. It has gotten worse for me. If I have an appointment open, and I say click the link to enter a zoom meeting, I get a notification which is modal “the meeting has changed”. I have to dig through windows to find and dismiss it. I then get a slew of renotifications about meetings, and many times a crash which I submit to EMC.

If this is for a beta version, can you please report it to [email protected]

I get the same problem. It seems to be the same couple of meetings that keep popping up over and over no matter how many times I dismiss them.

Same here. I’ve been experiencing this for at least several months. As @DerSilver pointed out I see not only recent notifications but also weeks/months old. This is really annoying and forced me to disable eMcliens’s windows notifications completely.

This is an old bug. I believe, there is nothing to do. Another software may help…

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