Random Client Start Issues

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Not sure if this is a crashing issue or not, I use Windows 10 Pro (21H2 19044.2251) with latest patches and latest version of eM Client pro (9.2.1222).

Issue I see is after PC has been running a while, when I click on the icon to start eM Client I get a spinning cursor and then nothing (not even the startup screen). Odd thing is if I reboot the computer the client starts correctly.

Everything else on my PC works withpout issue, it is only eM Client that fails to start and even then only after the PC has been running for at least a few days to weeks.

The only logs i see are the auth logs regarding gmail, nothing regarding any errors.

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Prior to starting eM Client check the task manager and see if it is already running. Additionally, when you reboot and load eM Client does it mention anything about needing to repair the database?

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If you have rebooted your computer and eM Client is not showing in the Task manager or if it is showing and closing it in the Task manager makes no difference, then try uninstalling it and reinstalling eM Client.

If you do uninstall it “don’t delete the database” when asked on uninstall. You can then download all the latest versions of eM Client & reinstall from the release history page.

If reinstalling makes no difference then try running the manual database repair from the command line / dos box for Windows. Could be the mail database is possibly corrupted as @lancealot advised above.

C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe /dbrepair

Lastly there is also a new 22H2 Windows update you can do as well if it’s a Windows OS issue.

Good Afternoon @lancealot @cyberzork,

I have checked task manager, and didn’t see anything mentioning eM Client (the exe name, or having the icon). After reboot, the client doesn’t mention any errors at all, it starts what looks to be perfectly normal.

Tried the DB repair and it came back with two green ticks, so I will have to wait now to see if the issue occurs again.

It also would appear i have a update today from 21H2 to 22H2, so I will be doing that too.

I would agree it is most likely the OS somehow as the issue seems more like windows refusing to start the client, rather than the client failing to start. As I would expect program issues to appear after the initial loading screen has come up.

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