Quotes with > SIgn, not vertical ar

I have new messages and replies both set for plain text. But when I
reply to a message, the quoted lines are all prefixed with a long
vertical bar, in the Microsoft style. That’s fine for top-posting, but
I hate top-posting. I want to intersperse my replies so that if I have
multiple points to reply to, each part of my reply is after the
applicable point and each of the quoted lines is prefixed with the >
sign. How can I do that

Do you mean interleaved posting (or inline replying) in which the different parts of the reply follow the relevant parts of the original post?

If this is the case, just hit enter in the original quoted message, exactly where you would like to reply or comment on a specific point.

They are already using > but we display them as vertical lines like most other applications.

We don’t have an option to change the way we display it but then the receiver’s application may not either. If you can find an old enough application that does display it that way, the same message will look like it does on the left below, whereas we display it as on the right.

Thanks very much. I should have tried that, but I didn’t…

I guess the vertical bar is tolerable, even though I dislike it. I’d much rather have the > signs, which to me is the standard I’m long accustomed to.

Thanks. I 'm sorry there’s no option for > signs, which I would prefer

You say "most other applications. Yes, I’m aware there are some, but in my experience, not most.