Quota-error on syncing GMail contacts

Also - I have an added on to the Windows Firewall, don’t know if thats involved but can’t see how. It would affect the live.co.uk addresses and it doesn’t

in this case I will need your IMAP logs, go to tools - settings - advanced, check IMAP under your account, apply and restart eM Client.

Simulate steps that leads to your issue and after that send logs… to [email protected] together with this topic’s URL in subject.

then you can turn logging off.


Will do. Such a shame things seem to work OK, but it’s these annoying error messages

wait, if everything is working fine and only thing that is disturbing you are error messages then you can turn them off in Tools - Settings - General - General, scroll down to bottom and uncheck “show window when an error occurs”

eM Client usually show error message when there is something not standard in communication. But not standard does not mean not functional. So if it is really working just turn them off and it should be okay.

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Seems to be - but what about those little red triangles beside the email address ? ALL GMail.

that is something I need to see to tell what it is, so at last send me those logs and add screenshot of emails with these little triangles.

but you can turn off showing error so it will stop bothering you at least.

These are the “little red triangles” :wink:

Note: They are NOT beside the live.co.uk addresses. The problem lies squarly with GMail. Yet it doesn’t happen with Thunderbird or Outlook

I have not received those logs, have you sent them?

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Can’t see any way to actually SEND them. I took a snapshot pic and sent that, but clearly that didn’t get through

have you tried to send them from webmail?

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I run version 6 Beta and problems are still there.
The errors were solved by me, in last instance, eliminating the Google account and recreating it again. When you recreate the account it imports from Google emails, contacts, calendar and tasks.
But there is a one problem with this: the Tasks, being imported, lost all their attributes - recurrencies, start dates, etc. So this solution is only for who have few tasks.

wait, these attributes are supposed to be synchronized to the server with task, can I understand it that in your case this was not true?

Because sometimes re-adding account is fastest/only way how to solve issues and this can cause problems for many people.


Yes, recreating account is a “solution” with " ". If this type of errors continue I’ll recreate, but in Outlook (which has also problems with gmail, and does not sync tasks) … best waiting for a better alternative.

I don’t understand, re-add account solves server side issues when it does not send informations or it sends them messed up.

so this is very good if not excellent solution to this as it is forced to send them again.