There is a great addon for Thunderbird called “Quicktext”. It allows for addding custom text modules to be created. These can be “fired off” from within the mail creation window, thus greatly facilitating the creation of standardized mails: html links, phrases, even signatures can be created that way.

Please make this possible in EMClient


you can make your own email templates now already in Tools - Settings - Mail - Templates and Signatures.

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I am not talking about templates. I am talking of phrases and links that I can use from within an email
Please have a look at this site to get what I mean:


now I understand what you would like. Almost all features of this add on can be done using Templates, Signatures and by “Insert Variable” in new email - insert

anyway this add on is worth to be inspired by, I am putting this to requested features and it will be considered.


so how does it work when I want to insert a predefined html link with a custom text?
where can I define it and how do I insert it?

just to clarify: I want to insert a link to a site that looks like another word like “here” with “here” being the link.

I also don’t want a template for a mail as this link would be needed in many different scenarios

can I define variables?

ok I found the option.
it would be very useful, though if EMCLient would allow for sorting those predefined texts into folders.

also there should be something else than a “signature” as what we are talking about is not a signature.

using the signature feature as it is only replaces the mail signature in case you have already chosen one - so this is why I never found it.

quicktext is the way to go.

So you have found templates editor in settings? If not it is in Tools - settings - Mail - Template and signatures and mail templates.

and as for that quicktext it is in requested features don ̈t worry it will be discussed


Is there something new with this option?

Hi Steve, sorry this topic is a bit outdated what exact feature are you looking for? You can setup templates in eM client that you can use with your emails, would that be helpful?
You can setup templates in tools > settings > mail > templates and signatures.

Hope this helps,