Quicktext enhancements

The quicktext feature needs to be expanded considerably to be useful and easy to use:

Variables: to be useful in the context of Quicktext (outside of the mass mailing feature), new variables need to be introduced: “Given Name”, “Last Name”, “email address” and “Subject” that do not rely on existing contacts (to use Quicktext in a response email to an unknown sender) AND they absolutely need to be expanded as soon as they are used (to prevent sending some embarrassing emails)

Shortcuts: the fixed shortcuts need to go - first of all there are only 9 shortcuts, their assignment is at least unintuitive, and the rest of your Quicktexts can’t have any. Even if there were more - how on earth should anyone remember which Crtl+Shift+[Number] corresponds to which of their 50+ Quicktexts? The best solution would be a keyword feature (like the Thunderbird Quicktext extension uses: add a keyword to a Quicktext template and then write that word in the email and press TAB, the keyword is then replaced by the template), which is really easy and intuitive to use AND to allow user assigned shortcuts