Quickly change between showing a mail as text or html?

In Outlook you can quickly do so by clicking a “button” that tell you that is a html mail.
That way the mail will be temporarily shown as html.

In eM Client I have not found this to be possible in any way. In setting You can set it to show either as pure text or as html, but nowhere is it possible to do a quick temporary change per mail.
The only place I have seen something near it is when creating a new mail, in the tools menu you can choose between making a text or html mail.

Have I been looking too hard and just overlooked it, or it this not possible to do?
if it’s not possible (yet), is this something that is planned to be implemented?


Unfortunately we are not planning to implement this because we focus on more required features requested by our clients/users.

with regards

I would just like to bump this up. Maybe there could be a collected thread?