quick text variable preview

I use QuickText with variables frequently on single text replies. I would love to be able to see the pasted text before sending the email. Can be embarrassing when you send an email and some other variable, or none, is used without your knowledge.
I had this functionality in Thunderbird, and when I selected the QuickText, it would automatically paste the variable data into the message body.

Beside the „mass mail“ variables some „automatic vars“ should be availabe. E.g. the name of a sender adress ( e.g. „Mike Miller“ from „“Mike Miller” <[email protected]>“).

Hello {sender}!

Some conditions would be useful

If {sex} = "male" then "Hellor Mr." 
else if {sex}= "female" then 
"Hello Mrs." 
else "Hello!"

would be helpful.

Variables should be replaced imediatelly on/after inserting a QuickText, to make the final text accessible for editing before send.

I’m using PhraseExpander (https://www.phraseexpander.com/) to quickly copy and paste different pieces of text. Works in all Windows programs, so no need to learn this functionality for different programs (if those other programs even support it).

PhraseExpander also supports variables in it’s macros, but I really don’t know whether it will be able to support the variables of eM Client.

I am using AutoHotKey, that has several options for phrases a.s.o. – but this is not the point.

I am not looking for an external solution to compensate weaknesses. Skills schould be bundled in the place where they are needed. And I get slightly frustrated by ideas that are not looked at and finalised to the end.