Quick Steps

The ability to create Outlook style Quick Steps. This could be achieved as an extension to the Rules, allowing for the creation of a Button on the toolbar to action a Rule, or by adding a method to customise the toolbar to carry out specific actions.

Limiting the number of available Quick Steps might help any UI issues.

Context : where this is really important is for users who take a GTD approach to their inbox.

I use an Inbox Zero principle that is very simple but it relies on being able to distribute a relatively high volume of emails quickly. Either to a Done folder or a Do Later folder.

Using the Move to Folder feature works with a keyboard shortcut but on different devices this is less easy to manage. A button that moved an email and marked it as read, so any obvious ‘fluff’ emails can be multi selected and moved without clicking them, would be a great help.

I notice others have raised specific feature requests before, linked to this, but a generic rules/button trigger - similar to Outlook Quick Steps - would be a cool UX enhancement.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Hi, thank you for your suggestions, we’ll make sure to consider making these changes for future releases of eM Client.

Hope you can manage to use the current setting in the meantime.

Thank you,

I agree this would be a great feature as I use folders a lot and would like to have a quick feature to file to the most common folders (in Outlook I use the Quick Steps for precisely this purpose).

Indeed. I will move back to Outlook. This is too basic a feature to miss. In Outlook I simply use ctrl+shift+1, to mark a message as read and move to an “Archive” folder. If you have many files, this process has to be quick and painless.

Hello, note you can use shortcuts for certain actions while using eM Client, please make sure to navigate to Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts and adjust them to your preference. Unfortunately it is not possible to setup a move shortcut for a specific folder, however you can archive to your online archive folder in case your mail server supports this feature.