Quick Search all Sub-folders

There’s one bit of functionality I keep going back to Thunderbird for: the search. 

Thunderbird has two top level boxes - Filter (which filters the contents of the current folder) and Search (which quickly searches all folders across all accounts for some text). 

Creating a “Search Folder” for my query, finding the record, and then deleting the search folder again feels very cumbersome in comparison. So cumbersome that I find myself shutting eM Client, opening Thunderbird, doing a search, finding which folder I’ve left something in, and then opening eM Client again in preference. 

Part of the problem is that only messages that have been downloaded get searched - and I haven’t yet worked out how to set all folders for offline use - so the search doesn’t work until I know which folder I’m searching in, and if I knew that, I’d be able to use the folder. 

Is there a better way to search that I don’t know about yet?
How can I get it to download all the messages in all the folders so that search can be useful at all?

Hi Ben,
to set your IMAP account to download all messages for offline use, go to Tools>Accounts and click the IMAP tab of your account.
Check the option to ‘Download messages for offline use.’
All other mail protocols download messages for offline use by default, so there should be no problems there.
For Search, you do not need to set up a folder each time, just choose to search in All folders in the drop down menu next to the search icon.


Brilliant. Thanks!