Quick question regarding filters

If I have

Is this AND/OR, or just AND for each thing? I am trying to filter emails into about 20 folders and it’s hard.

For example there will never be an email with both Monzo AND Experian in either the subject or body, or recieved, but I want them both to be filtered into that folder, am I doing it right?

Just remove the first option, because it is part of the second one also.


Then the Rule will look for any messages where the words Monzo and/or Experian are in the subject and/or body.

Thanks I see where I was going wrong here. What about if I want to filter emails from about 20 different websites except I want to use “ends with” @company.*, but I also want all emails with a specific world related only to those websites moved in there, incase I miss some, if you get me. Do I need two rules for that?