Quick navigate to desired folder

In my eM Client that I have set up in laptop, I have several folders, like a folder for a topic.

In Microsoft Outlook, when the user press “Ctrl + V”, a window pops up and one can use the mouse or the cursor, to navigate to the desired folder and work on it.
Similarly, in Microsoft Outlook, the user, if desires to file the mail in a specific folder, the user press “Ctrl + Alt + V”, a pop up window opens, select the folder and click ok, the mail item, moves to that folder, thus filing becomes easy.

eM Client, does not seem to have this / similar short cut.

Every time I need to go to the desired folder, I use the mouse to scroll, which is a bit painful.

A suitable short cut (in eM Client) to select the folder and a suitable short cut to file the mail item in the desired folder, would have much helped.

Am liking the adaptive configuration of eM Client, but, shortcuts help.

Any feedback??

Ctrl + Shift + V - Move to Folder

Ctrl + Shift + C - Copy to Folder

When you use either of the above shortcut keys you can type the name of a folder at the top of the pop-up window that appears to quickly jump to a favourite mail folder.

You can see and adjust / change shortcut keys via Menu > Settings > General > Shortcuts

See also eM Client blog on useful shortcut.


I am also looking for this feature. @cyberzork the shortcuts you provided are for moving or copying emails to another folder, but what I’d like to see is the ability to goto or jump to a folder. Scrolling the folder list on the left side is just plain slow when you have many folders. Sometimes you just ant to go to a particular folder, and having the ability to search/filter for it would be great. Click on the folder after filtering, and it takes you to that folder.