Quick label Assignment via Hotkey

I would like to instantly assign labels while reading messages .
Sofar this is only possible via the context menu which is rather cumbersome.
Access with Hotkey would be one option. The other would be a sidebar listing all labels
where you can choose one or more with a Mouseclick.
A similar one is already there, but here you do not assign the label but filter the messages containing
that label

There a number of ways to tag a message.

The easiest is just to click the tag icon in the upper right of the message.

But you can assign keyboard shortcuts to tags as well.

Go to Menu > Tags, and select a tag you want to assign a shortcut to. Edit the tag and choose a shortcut.

You can’t assign keyboard combinations other than those presets, sorry.

Personally, I just drag and drop messages onto the tag folder and that does the trick.