Quick contact

Please bring back contact on the sidebar (or implement something similar) in the next release!

Please, contacts are useful in the sidebar at the right, near the chat contacts

Good idea, thanks for posting this.

sadly, this shouldnt have to wait for the next release. this never should have been taken out of v5. terrible idea, em.

Oh well, this type of things happens. Only hope is for them to bring it back. What interest me is they said this decision was made from usage statistic. Where and how did they get the statistic?

eM Client asks you once a few weeks if you want help us and send us performance and usage info.

Aaron, in another thread, mentioned “forced to use the “control+b” contacts list”, which I didn’t know about. Trying it, hmm, there it is, “Send Message” on a Contact’s right-click. Yay. So then I decided to re-visit the main Contacts button, and yay there it is too, “Send Message” on a Contact’s right-click. I must have been asleep to not see this before.

To be sure I’m talking about the same thing of you, I show you images :
Previous version 4, very useful for me

Version 5 without simple click to “contacts”:

If memory serves me right, it ask me once, and I’m pretty sure that before ver 3.5… Never did ever again.

Clicking on the contact on the main navigation takes way too long. Plus if you customized to have both Mail and Calendar showing, it a pain to resize back every single time after visiting contact.

I may can live with the Ctrl+B, but the whole push on EM5 was to streamline with Win8’s touch interface. Wouldn’t hot-key defeat the purpose?

Down the bottom line, nothing is quicker than before when it ‘had’ the quick contact list on the side-panel.

Yup, that at least what I’m referring to.

On the left is what comes up with CTRL-b, blurred. On the right is the main Contacts window that comes up with the button, and then with a recipient right-clicked to Send. The same thing can be done from the CTRL-b panel. So… I’m not seeing much loss from v4 after all.

For me it was easier before. Just one click and all contacts viewed clearly.

The loss is there’s extra step. Where it was available on the side-panel, it matter of find the contact and send.

With the two method you describe, there’s the extra step, either Ctrl+B or click on contact on the left, there’s the one extra step.

PLEASE bring back contacts on the right-hand sidebar!! I CONSTANTLY used it to get a phone number, etc, without having to stop what I was doing or changing screens. I’ve only had version 5 for a few minutes, but I already SORELY miss that feature. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

Yes, again. PLEASE bring back contacts on the right hand :heart::heart::heart:

Aaron, are you using the Pro version?

It definitely doesn’t ask me this every few weeks.