quick compose hotkey / shortcut (global create new email)

Basically, when eM Client is minimized into tray, i could just assign a hotkey, say… CTRL + tilde and a new compose window will appear. You can test out a similar feature, integrated into Mailbird.


How soon can I expect this to be integrated? Clearly it’s a great idea, no need to think about it. Here is the window that would appear on my monitor, once the global keyboard hotkey is pressed…

Hello Matt,

We appreciate your valuable feedback. Your suggestion has been added to the feature request and brought to the attention of our engineers.

Thank you,

6 months gone, problem is not fixed yet, disappointed.

I’m a former Mailbird user as well and I really like this feature.

Other users; as a workaround you might be able to use a program like Breevy to create a hotkey to accomplish the same thing. I think it might depends on whether or not the emclient executable accepts switches to compose a new message, for example.

Well . . .  this is not an eM Client issue, but a Windows one. The functionality is already there in Windows. Global shortcuts for doing most anything can be created under Windows without the need for third party apps.

You create a shortcut for mailto: location, and then assign a shortcut key to that. Whatever mail client you have set as the default for mailto: will open a new message windows when you use the shortcut key.

Gary, great idea.

When I actually I tried to implement this however, as eM Client opens a new message, it always attaches a copy of the desktop shortcut to the email.

Were you able to get it working without that undesired behavior?

Also, when the shortcut type is a URI, such as ‘mailto:’, there is no ‘shortcut’ tab under properties with which to assign a global hotkey.

Open Explorer and choose a location to store the shortcut.

Right-click and choose New > Shortcut.
For the location, type mailto:

Click Next
Give it a name.

In Explorer right-click on the shortcut and choose Properties.

Choose a global shortcut key combination by clicking in the space provided and using the desired key combination.

Now any time you use Ctrl + Alt + 8, a new mail message window will open.


I followed the steps you posted but when I create the shortcut and pull up the properties there is no ‘Web Document’ tab. I’m running the latest version of Windows 10 fall creators update. Perhaps they removed this functionality from Explorer.

I found a fix for the missing ‘Web Document’ tab issue. That also seems to have eliminated the problem where the shortcut itself was being included as a file attachment on the new emails.

Only outstanding problem is that Windows won’t let me assign CTRL+Space as the global hotkey combination.

I have always used shortcuts that were not already in use by Windows.

The CTRL-Space shortcut is not already in use by Windows. For whatever reason, it will not let the user assign that key combination as a shortcut hotkey.

Furthermore, it seems that two key (CTRL+key) shortcuts are not allowed at all. It seems to require the use of either the SHIFT or ALT in in combination with the CTRL key.

Download autohotkey - https://www.autohotkey.com/download

® click in My Documents > New > AutoHotkey Script

Just copy / paste below snippet, save it and than double-click to run it with AHK. Using CTRL + ` will compose new email with your default email client.

; CTRL + - Compose Email ^::
    Run mailto:

I too was frustrated with the forced CTRL + ALT combo.

*see hotkey reference on website