Questions on deactivation of an email account

I have 2 email accounts on the free version.
I am in the process of getting rid of one but I want to keep all the historic mail.
First off I went to Tools/Accounts and unchecked the Include when sending /receiving emails box.
This did nothing, for a week now it still syncs mail for this account.
Anyway, moving forward, I assume when I delete this account I will lose all Sent/Trash mail but will keep anything moved to local folders?
on a side note, there is mail in my Local Sent folder but nothing from this account for some reason.

Disabling the include when sending/receiving option applies to what happens when you click the Refresh button. It also does not apply to IMAP accounts as they are permanently connected to their servers.

But to your main question, yes, when you remove an IMAP account from eM Client, you will no longer have access to those messages in the application. If you want to keep the messages in eM Client, you will need to move or copy everything from the IMAP folder tree to Local Folders before removing the account from eM Client. Your sent messages for that account are in that folder tree, not Local Folders.

thanks Gary. makes sense, except for some reason I can see old msgs for that account (older than 4 years) in the Local Sent folder. hmm, maybe when imported?

Yes, Local Folders are not connected to an account, so deleting the account does not delete their contents from eM Client. It is possible you imported to that location, or even moved/copied messages from your IMAP folders to Local Folders.

If you are using an SMTP only account, sent messages will go to Local Folder Sent, but otherwise they will be in their respective trees.