Questions about features on Mac and Caldav (with Davical)

Good afternoon,

We were thinking in the possibility of buying several licenses of emClient for Mac, although for that, I would like to ask you if you could please clarify me a doubt I’m having.

We are running our own Caldav service running Davical. We are now using Apple calendar, but we have an issue with it.

In our sales department, each sales person has a private (self) calendar and a shared calendar with the department. The private calendar is called “private” and the working calendar is called “company”.

They are sharing the calendar called “company” with other 50 persons.

We have noticed that, due to not having permission in private calendars (the ones called “private”) and Davical due to that, being returning a 403, a triangle ends up by appearing notifying sync issues. The first minutes the triangle appears, you can upload events to others mate “company” calendar. After some time passes (10-15 minutes more or less), you end up by not being able to write (although you can sync normally) in that other mate’s “company” calendar (due to having received 403 in the PROPFINDs of his/her “private” calendar).

As Apple has issues with principal permissions and delegations, we gave to the principal read and write access. Apart from that on the principal, later in the collections, we grant only permissions (obviously) in the shared collection, in “company” called calendar. The other one “private” called calendar, has no permissions for more than the own owner.

Would you think emClient could work well in this config?. Apart from that our server is sending email invitations for meetings, so emClient should not send them.

Do you think it could suit our needs?. Very thankful for you time and it would be nice to have a fast response because this is an urgency for me.

Best regards,

For that technical pre purchase question, I would suggest to contact [email protected]