Questions about eMC v9 being used in 2 separate WIN10 users/accounts

Please let me start with a background information.
Same computer WIN10.
My account A, with eMC v9 installed, it is still during the 30 day trial period, with the intention of purchasing Pro after the 30 day trial period.
My family has added a separate Windows account B to this WIN10.
eMC v9 can also be found and opened in account B. eMC v9 in account B does not show the emails stored in account A for now.
Fearing a conflict, my family and I have not conducted any more tests.
I would like to know the answers to the following questions.

  1. Are the 2 eMC v9s in windows account A and account B independent and can be used separately? For example, in account A, eMC v9 is Pro, and in account B, eMC v9 is free?
  2. If eMC v9 in account A is upgraded or uninstalled, will eMC v9 in account B also be upgraded or uninstalled?
  3. Is it possible to install eMC v9 in account A and account B separately, i.e. neither one will be affected by the upgrade or uninstallation of the other?
  1. No. You use only one license for the whole computer, irrespective of how many Windows user accounts there are. If you activate a Free license in one Windows account, they will all be Free. But by default the data and preferences are totally separate for each Windows user as if they were on separate computers. So user A will not have access to the emails for user B. If you want all users to share the same database though, that can be done.

  2. Yes. The application is installed in one directory for all users. If you update it for one Windows user, it will update for all. If you uninstall it for one, it is uninstalled for all.

  3. No.

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Thank you very much!