Questions about Capabilities & Limitations

I have been testing em Client and am looking to switch to it from Lotus Notes.  I wanted to make sure I understand a couple of points regarding the capabilities and limitations of the program.

I will have two IMAP mail accounts and a Gmail account that I will be using so I know that I will need to purchase the Pro version.  I have installed em Client on my laptop and in each of the accounts specified that it should download messages for offline use along with attachments and images.  I will also be accessing my e-mail from my cell phone, tablet and web clients from other computers.

1.  I do not see anything listed under the local folders even though I have been testing it for a little while and do see messages listed under each of the accounts.  Are the local folders only used for POP accounts?  I assume that because I chose to download messages for offline use that everything is being saved locally even if it is not in that set of folders.

2.  I have set up archiving to run every 7 days and archive everything older than 60 days.  I wanted to make sure that what this is doing is removing the messages from the server but adding them to my local message database under the archive folders.  (It also appears that the process keeps the original folder structure of the archived messages)

3.  I also get a lot of order e-mails from some of our websites.  With Lotus Notes I had those messages automatically sent to a different mail file since there are a lot of them, they take up a lot of disk space (12GB or so) and I rarely need to go back and access them.  I understand that em Client does not support multiple databases and that there is no way within the system that I could accomplish this.  Is that correct?  If so, does it make sense that I would have those messages sent to a different e-mail account that I would have managed by a different mail program so that they would be stored separately? 

Thanks for your help!

Hi Frank,

  1. Local folders are only used for pop accounts, imports etc., you can also move your email there manually, but if you’re using download messages for offline use, the messages will be stored in the database and still will be accessible through your standard IMAP folders. If they were in Local folders, they would not be synchronized with the server.

  2. Yes, this is correct, the folder structure should be kept.

  3. Yes eM Client only has a database folder so forwarding the email to another folder would only be for better mail organization, but the database would remain the same size. It would make sense forwarding those emails to another account if you don’t want to use up the disk space.

Hope this helps,