In use the Client 6 months ago and I have a question I could not solve.

Use the free license is for up to 2 accounts.

I have 2 different accounts and use a signature, but the signature appears on two accounts I have and I can not use a signature for each account.

How to solve this problem?


Are you saying that you have signature turned on and it appears the same in both accounts ?

If that is your problem   rename the accounts different names in Tools  Account Setup.
Then in Tools Setting Mail    Templates & Signatures    add a new signature (different name) then attach that to your second account .  I have my email and my wife’s email  and they have different signatures


I went Templates & Signatures but I can not change.

You send me a tutorial with photo or video step by step?

you can switch between the accounts and set the signature for each address separately.
Make sure you set the correct signature for each account.


I went on - Select signature for account - but I can not change for the 2nd account, when I switch to the 2nd account and click on ok 1st account still appears.

you should be able to just choose the second address, then choose the signatures and THEN click OK.