Question on importing email, contacts, ect. from my old computer

I presently have an older Win7 Pro that I’m running eMClient on and I recently built a new computer.  I used PC Mover Pro to try and bring over everything, but my contacts and emails did not follow.  So my question is this.  How can I move everything …or at least copy everything contact and emails from the old computer to the new?  I have eMClient on the new machine (same version as the older machine).  Is there a data base file that I could load on a USB flash drive and install in the folder for eMClient on the new computer?..or what do I need to do?

Thanks, in advance

NEVER MIND…I figured it out!

The simplest method is to backup eM Client on the old computer using Menu > File > Backup, then copy the zip file across to the new computer where you can use Menu > File > Restore.

I answered this even though you worked it out, just so the next person has a solution.