Question about upgrading to Pro

I’ve been using the free version for years but would like to upgrade to Pro so I can use on both my desktop and laptop. With the free version I’ve received updates to newer versions. But it looks like with the Pro version you have to buy upgrades? So if I don’t pay for lifetime upgrades that means that whatever version I buy will be the version forever?


The Pro License is valid for a specific version, so say all of version 8.

If you buy a lifetime upgrade, you can carry on using the Pro License forever, moving on to version 9, and 10 etc.

If you don’t buy a lifetime upgrade, but next year you decide you want to upgrade to version 9, you can buy a single version upgrade.

Thanks Gary. So the single version upgrade - does that cost the same as buying the Pro? Or is it a smaller upgrade fee?

A Pro License is £44.95

A Pro License with lifetime upgrades is £109.95

A version upgrade is £24.95

If you plan to use eM Client beyond version 10, it will be cheaper to buy a Pro License with lifetime upgrade.

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