Question about migration from WLM 2012 (TCP Ports)

Afaik uses the new Windows-10-Mail-App only EAS to communicate with the new (Sync Mails, Contacts and Calendar). EAS uses afaik only TCP Port 443, als like, as the older DetlaSync in WLM. So, I was able to use WLM behind our company-firewall (open for HTTP and HTTPS).

Adding an Account to eM Client will use additional Ports to synchronize (993 (IMAP) and 587 (SMTP)), but I can’t use those ports behind the firewall.

Why can the Windows-10-Mail-App use only EAS for synchronizing mails, contacts and calendar, while eM Client uses additional ports?

I’ve choosen years ago, because I was able to manage my mailacconts behind the firewall. I would buy licenses (for my and the whole family) to mirgate from WLM to eM Client, if I would be able to use it even behind our firewall. At the moment I’m unlucky, because the only way is the silly W10-App…

=> Do you have plans to implement the synchronisation with over EAS only?
If so, when I can try to use eM Client as replacement for WLM & W10-App?

Me too, I want eM Client with EAS instead of IMAP, SMTP (as like as HxMail) and I would get a live time license…

You can set up emClient to work with EAS. You need to delete your IMAP/SMTP account in enClient and then add a new account. Instead of choosing the automatic setup you choose “MAIL”. This opens the following menue:

You choose Exchange and then press “next” to continue. In the end your Exchange setup should look like this:

Thanks for your prompt answer!

And this works with ( as well? With Mail, Contacts and Calendar? All over https (from behind a company firewall)?

Which Server do I have to specify? Is it for my also

It would be great to migrate from WLM to eM Client without to being forced to use the silly W10-Mail-App.

Sorry, i only described the first step and showed the end result. You don’t have to specify the server. After selecting “exchange” and clicking on “next” you are asked to enter your email address and password for your outlook/live-mail account. emClient then finds the correct server. I don’t know about calenders and contacts since I have those on Google.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try asap

I’ve configured eM Client as you describet, but it still don’t work if IMAP is blocked on the corporate firewall. TCPVIEW also shows, eM Client ist trying to access with IMAP…
…With DeltaSync (WLM2012) it worked like a charme…

unfortunately the support for DeltaSync/AirSync was discontinued by Microsoft for their accounts and they started migrating their mail accounts to Exchange (this applies to all hotmail, outlook, live, and other microsoft mail addresses).
Since this change wasn’t done at once to ALL accounts we could make the Exchange the default set up for them as it would not work for some users.
That’s why the IMAP (with combined AirSync for Contacts and Calendar for those whose mail servers were still supported) became the default configuration for Microsoft mail accounts for now.
Just as Peter showed you though you can set up the Exchange account manually. The server configuration will be found automatically after you input your mail address (for both the address and username) and password.
Exchange account will synchroniza all Mail, Contacts and Calendar.


I’ve configured, als Peter wrote (Exchange) - But IMAP is still used, if I belive TCPVIEW…
…and I’m not able to sync mails behind the corporate firewall, which blocks IMAP. I’ll come back, if eM Client is able to sync my mails behind the corporate firewall (as WLM did before)…