Query on Blacklist and Junk email


Fairly new to em Client so apologies if this query has been answered previously.

While I can view email addresses / domains manually blacklisted using Tools—>Rules, I don’t seem to be able to view the list of blacklisted or blocked emails that result from emails that end up in the junk email folder. (Some emails seem to end up there even though I have confirmations set to “always ask”). Is it possible to view a list of ALL blacklisted email addresses and domains? If so How? - and can I unblock an email or domain in the list?

Also it would be nice if the user was able to right click on the senders email address and add it (or it’s domain) to the blacklist while deleting the sender’s email, rather than having to move it to junk, and then having to delete it by emptying the folder.



Hi Dave,
eM Client’s spam list and Blacklist rules are applied only after Server rules, so it’s possible that the other messages in the junk folder are already synchronized in that folder from the server. You can remove and add addresses to the blacklist inside eM Client, but eM Client can’t over write the server’s rules - these might be the addresses that you are missing in your list.

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Hi Olivia

Thanks for the reply.

Didn’t think of looking at the server, still getting used to using imap after my ISP updated the email system (disastrously I might add!). It’s all working again now so I’ll have a look.

Thanks for your help



  1. Click on “Menu” at top left of eM Client home page
  2. Click on “Rules”
  3. Double click on “Blacklist” to see list of blacklisted e-mails
    Note: blacklisting an e-mail does not prevent it from being received. It only sends it to the Junk folder. Therefore, it is pointless to blacklist e-mails which show up in the Junk folder as they are already being sent there. Blacklist only e-mails that arrive in the Inbox folder.