PW required pop-up blocking process from finishing


I am trying to move an email (that will expire) to my person email but I am unfortunately blocket by a pop-up where it says “password required” for the email I’m trying to move but there is nowhere to insert any password. What should I do? The pop-up does not disappear and I’m not able to finish the process.


Hi Frida,
the window showed up for me as well. There opens up a new tab in your browser where you have to allow access for emClient to your inbox. I had to provide this access for all of my inboxes (gmail, outlook, …) [However, this seems to be faulty, as emClient requests this access each restart]

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What version of eMC are you using?

I’m using latest beta 9.0.549

Send a problem report to [email protected]

A number of problems with the version you are running being reported here.


My downloaded version is: emclient-v.8.2.1659.msi

I’ll send an email then, thank you.

Hi Peter,

I did allow access but the PW pop-up did not disappear anyways (for the email which I wish to move to my private email). I tried several times and the pop-up only requested access for the private email, not my old student email which is the one I wish to move.

Thank you anyways :slight_smile: