Put month view calendar in right sidebar

Is there a way to display a monthly calendar in the right sidebar under the Agenda? I have just switched from Outlook and love this client SO much better, but I do miss being able to see the monthly calendar at a glance without switching to Calendar view. It’s helpful to be able to see upcoming days/dates when planning things. If there isn’t currently a way to do this, I would love to see this feature added. Thank you!


Hi Sarah,
unfortunately this is not currently possible. I’ll change your forum topic to an Idea thread so other users can vote on it and it can be put among the features to consider in future updates.


How about two years later? I’d really love that feature.

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Will this ever happen? We really do need it.

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i like it, too :wink:

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I think this is a feature all the Outlook users are looking for. And not just the monthly calendar, but also make the dates with appointments bold, like Outlook does

Need this feature!  We have just changed to G Suite/ Em Client and i need to see Calendar month view and Tasks on the RH side bar…  PLease…

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Yes please! This is the only feature I miss from Outlook.

Well, there is the Agenda view in the right pane. That does not show the whole month (meaning a mini calendar view), but it will show your events configurable in increments up to a year. It is one of my favorite things about eM Client.

What about today?? this is February 03 - 2021…

We would like this option very much, please.

Yes, you can view today in the right side-bar. Just click on the calendar icon:


I think you misunderstood me. I don’t want to see today - I want to see the entire month.
I wrote today to emphasize how long it’s been since the post has been up for.


The right-side bar does not display an entire month view of the calendar. That would not be possible with the limited space available in an area that is only meant to display selected information. For a whole month view, please go to the Calendar section of eM Client where you have daily, weekly and monthly customized views.

However, as I previously said, the Agenda view is designed to show you all upcoming events and tasks for the time period you specify, which includes for the next month.

New EM Client user here, also switched from Outlook to EM Client.
And I’m missing the calander (month) very bad in EM Client.
Hope this can be implemented to EM Client as well!

Sooo, more than five years have past.
How about a month view calendar in the sidebar?
Users want it. Please, no nonsense about limited space. Outlook has it, Thunderbird has it. EM Client should have it too.

Yes indeed, I already have the right sidebar visible for the Agenda.
If the month view could show just above the agenda, that would be perfect.

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Another vote for this please! The current one day or hourly view isn’t very useful. Thank you!