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Hello. I’ve used Desktop with pro licence for a few years with zero issues and great features, so thought I’d give “eM Client for Android” a try. One fundamental issue. I’ve 3 accounts connected using IMAP - Outlook, gmail and my main default email with Zoho. Can’t get new mail push notifications to work effectively and reliably. Receiving none at present. Read Forum posts and tried clearing cache, rebooting, disable/enable push notifications, etc. Worked for short time but stopped. Battery not optimised. Will eventually email the testing folk but thought I’d ask the Forum in case others who’ve had the same issues might have solved the issue. :slight_smile:

Can’t get new mail push notifications to work effectively and reliably. Receiving none at present

I am getting push notifications ok with my 3 IMAP accounts using the latest Android Mobile app V10.0.1150 and using a Samsung S22 with OS 14.

So I can only suggest you might need to also “clear the data in the app” via your os app settings and not just the cache and then reimport your accounts and settings via the Desktop QR Code export option.

Failing that completely uninstall and reinstall the app from the Playstore and setup as new again.

Thanks for the advice. I did those things when first experiencing problems, prior to checking the forum. Apologies, I didn’t think to mention it as I was thinking of the advice I read on the forum at the time.

Yes, I performed basic diagnostic checks, cleared caches, reinstalled, etc., etc. After that failed I checked the forum and followed advice. After that failed I thought it wise to add a forum post before emailing testing bods.

I’m using Android 11, Nokia C21+. This evening I received a couple of email notifications at random, however there were a couple others that didn’t appear. In contrast my default email app (Zoho Mail) notified all four within seconds of landing on the server.

Thanks for the advice though. Very grateful. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Ok then if you have already tried clearing the mobile app data and uninstalling and reinstalling and setting up as new again, could be then possibly something running resident on tbe mobile like a eg: optionally installed Firewall / Antivirus program, or optionally installed VPN etc. So if if you have anything like that installed other than the default os, try completely disabling it or uninstalling it to test and then reboot your Android mobile.

Also if you can upgrade your OS as well being you have Droid 11 and could be eg: the app needs a later os. I dont know the min droid requirements for it.

I know eM CIient for desktop only supports the last 3 os releases, so could be the mob app does as well.

Thanks, but as far as I’m aware minimum requirement is Android 5 and so it should work perfectly with Android 11. Also, there are no phone requirements so the app should work perfectly with my phone. Anyway, I’d have to upgrade my phone to upgrade os and I’m not prepared to do that just so that my email notifications work. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have no apps like those of which you refer, however had I nstalled anything like that I would have known to check prior to carrying out the initial diagnostic checks.

My main email client works perfectly well, so my phone works perfectly well with push notification. Hopefully, after I’ve emailed the testing people, they’ll have the ability to use logs and the such like to check and see if there’s anything going on under the bonnet.

Whatever happens it’s just an email app and I already use one which works perfectly fine. It would be good to use eM Client app but it’s not the end of the world. Thanks. :+1:

Quick update: I’ve emailed [email protected] in the hope they can help. It’s not a major issue as it’s a beta app and I’m just testing it out. eM Client for Mobile will make an excellent default mobile email client when it goes live, assuming the push notification feature works as reliably as my current default app. If I can’t get the push notifications to work when it eventually goes live, I will unfortunately stop using the app permanently. :slight_smile:

as far as I’m aware minimum requirement is Android 5 and so it should work perfectly with Android 11.

Just because the Playstore says Min Droid OS 5, doesnt mean the app will work 100% as ive found with alot of newer apps on older Android OS mobiles. Alot would have changed since even Droid OS11.

I just installed the latest eM Client app V10.0.1150 on a One Plus Android OS13 (stock build) mobile and push notifications “work perfectly”, so i can only presume its something with the OS 11 or there is something unknown going on in the Nokia C21+.

Hopefully eM Client testing can find out for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, cyberzork, but I just go by the information provided by the creators, and they say it’ll work from Android 5 and with any model phone. It’s just an app and it’s a marketplace, so if it doesn’t meet my needs, I simply find an app that does meet my needs. It’s in the interests of the creators of the tech to provide the right details on the spec pages, in the same way it’s in their interests to make sure the features provided works as they say it should.

Whilst I have an understanding of working through these sort of problems and troubleshooting, etc., I also have very little interest and patience in dealing with this sort of thing, especially when I already have a mobile email client that fullfills all my needs. I find there’s more than enough problems with technology without voluntarily adding to the pile. I was hoping someone would have experienced the same problem and give me a “this worked for me, it might work for you” solution I could try. Anyway, genuinely appreciate your interest and contributions, cyberzork. I wish I had your level of enthusiasm for this sort of thing. Take care. :slight_smile: