PUSH notifications for Exchange 2010

Is there a way to get REAL-TIME email notifications?  I have an on premise Exchange 2010 server and have setup EM Client with it but it is using Exchange Web Services and my emails are delayed in delivery because they aren’t being “Pushed” by the server to the EM client as they would be with ActiveSync.  I realize I can drop my “Syncronize items every X minutes” setting down to 1 minute but in my job role seconds can count for email alerts and I would prefer to have it like Outlook where it was instant upon send from one of my coworkers within the organization\same Exchange server.  How do I get EM Client setup so that it can receive emails from my Exchange server in a PUSH format\method?

As it is the weekend, it is unlikely that you will get many replies on this forum, especially dealing with Exchange. But as you have a Pro License, you might make use of your VIP Support, where you will get a much quicker and more qualified response.

One temporary option is that Exchange supports IMAP, so you can setup your account as IMAP. You won’t have the other benefits of Exchange, but email will be instant.

Thanks for the reply Gary.  I’ll try Pro Support and see what they say.  I’m aware of the IMAP option but I’m not willing to give up the features I would lose with that protocol unfortunately (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, etc.)

Is there a fix for this issue? I, too, could benefit from having notifications for my Exchange account pushed to me. Waiting for the synchronization time to kick off is really not helpful.

I would put myself in this ranks to now, is there a way to get push mails? we use a folder for shared work, we have to wait up to 90secs to get an update even when its set 1 min

Well there is if you connect to the Exchange server using IMAP, but then you lose the other functions and advantages of Exchange.

Exchange does offer push notifications if the server is built that way, but maybe eM Client does not support that. As a Pro License user, maybe you could open a support ticket and get answers that way.