Push-IMAP support

Is there any support for Push-IMAP ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Push-IMAP ) protocol?
If no, is it planned?
Or, perhaps, there are any other types of Push supported?

Hi, push IMAP is not planned to support, but our implementation of IMAP is almost perfect, it is set to save so much bandwidth as possible so we do not need to implement this procotol.


Should be at least an option or something that we could turn on in some way… Maybe your implementation of IMAP is perfect and better than the rest of clients but…push should be at least an option for those who dont care about saving bandwith or not…some of us want the email pop up as soon as we get it…other really FREE apps have this option…I paid for the pro version so for me it really sucks to know that you think there is no need to implement something like that. 

Hi Tomas, we’re currently not considering this option, maybe in future releases.

Thank you for understanding, hope you can manage to use the current setting,

I would also like to see the IMAP push capability.

Please give us push notifications. It’s very annoying when you hear your phone email tone, and then you have to go into EMClient, and manually send/receive just to get the email to show up. 

I concur with the requests above. Push IMAP is not (just) to save bandwidth, but to get instant notifications when an email is received. This aspect has become much more important now, with the proliferation of mobile devices than 3 years ago when you first said you won’t implement this feature.

Please do consider it.

I don’t understand-- IMAP by definition pushes. eM Client does not rely on a refresh to display new messages (in fact, the refresh interval option is not even applicable to IMAP). My notifications come in basically at the same time as my phone notifications.

Mine don’t on eM Client. They do on Thunderbird and my phone, so there’s clearly something different or lacking on eM.

there is officially not such a thing as Push IMAP - there were some drafts for changing the protocol in someways back around 2006 but no official protocol called ‘Push-IMAP’ was ever created. The idea behind it was to synchronize better with phone so it would not even make much difference on a desktop client.
If you check the provided Wiki article in the original post the last reference is dated to 2008.

What many people seem to call Push IMAP now is the IDLE IMAP solution - which eM Client does use.
If the notification does not arrive in the time you’d want it to, the possibility is that the mail server you use has some problems in their IMAP implementation. We follow the IDLE IMAP standard in our program.

Hope this made the situation a bit more clear.