Purchase second license

I have a PRO license for my PC, and want to add a second for my laptop.
What do I need to do?

You can purchase a second license here.

Just select the type and quantity you want, and click on Buy Pro.

Is there a discount for returning customers for 2nd and 3rd licence purchased? Thanks.

Please write to [email protected]

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They would not offer me an additional discount after the initial purchase. The discount only gets applied if you buy all the licenses at once.

I bought two. A month later, a third. I could have saved on that third license if I had initially bought it with the other two.

There is a discount code you can find on the Internet that will save you 20%, but still, had there been the opportunity for returning customers to get an additional discount down the road on extra license, I could have saved more AND possibly used the coupon.

That is incorrect. I offered you a discount on your next purchase.

But the bulk discount rate is only available at the time of the initial purchase, because it is a substantial 50% discount.

We do offer other discounts to all returning customers though, (NOT available on the Internet), so please contact us at [email protected] and we will certainly assist you.

Not to sound ungrateful, but the discount you offered was basically the 20% off that I could have applied myself with the coupon that is available on the Internet.

It’s the same discount that anyone could have applied themselves.

As a suggestion, there should be a way for those dedicated users that want to add an additional license to ones they own already to be eligible for the same kind of discount (without asking) they would have been offered if they bought it at the onset.

It just seems like the right thing to do. I understand your system is not presently set up for it, but I am just offering it as a suggestion.

There is, and I have described it above.

Probably a reseller offering discounted licenses. It is of course up to them what they want to sell the licenses for, but beware of frauds. And make sure you read what you are actually buying. We have seen some in the past that advertise the license at a discounted price, but then there is a fee or additional change on payment, and you end up without any discount.

A couple clarifications here…

I did contact sales and no substantial discount was offered to me for a third license that would equal what I would have saved if bought at the onset. I was offered 20% off from you, but I could have applied the existing coupon and saved that on my own. I believe by contacting sales, they were only willing to give me 20% off. Again, not as good a discount as I could have had from the onset. And I inquired less than two weeks ago.

As far as the coupon is concerned, there is a valid 20% off coupon out there that gets successfully applied at checkout on the eMClient website so there is no chance of fraud. The license is being bought through you folks and the 20% coupon just works with no penalties. You guys must have put that coupon in your whitelist to be accepted at checkout.

Again, to reiterate, it would just be nice to have a loyalty discount. These licenses – especially with lifetime upgrades – are exorbitantly expensive. There’s a nice savings if you buy them all at once, but if down the road you add another computer and want to purchase an additional one, there should be better savings offered than just 20% – especially if we are talking about a third or fourth license.

That is correct.

The 50% bulk discount rate is only available at the time of the initial purchase. If you purchase a single license at a later time, that does not qualify for the bulk discount rate.

However, we certainly do offer discounts to any customers wanting to purchase additional licenses at a later time.

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