Pulling down pop3 email from gmail...limit to only emails after a certain date?

I’m  a long time Outlook user.  With Gmail shutting down their outlook sync for individuals, I’m looking to eM to be the replacement.  I like it so far but have a couple questions.

I sync’d my Google with Yahoo which brought over tons of emails, some with messed up dates.  I really want a good set of email history on Google (as I search on the road on my phone often) and of course on eM (which is easy as I just copy over my Outlook pst files). 

Can I get eM to just sync Google emails from a certain date (like today) onward so it doesn’t try to download all the historic messages that I imported from Yahoo to Google? 

With Yahoo it was easy…I just moved inbox items to another folder so they wouldn’t be pulled down by Outlook (or in this case eM), but Google doesn’t have “folders” unfortunately (I hate that about Google…I know they have labels); I’d love to stay with yahoo but have lots of issues when importing contacts, syncing contacts, etc.). 

Another solution would be deleting everything in Google that was pulled over from Yahoo, then uploading messages using Google Apps Migration.  I guess this question is for a Google Forum, but Does anyone know if you can upload emails from a pst to Google with just a regular personal account, or do you need the business version (exchange, etc.)?


unfortunately there’s really not a simple solution to what you’re trying to achieve. Although you should be able to archive all your mail on Gmail, that way it will be accessible in the All Mail folder, but nowhere else.
It is also a great way to use the gmail account, archive your email once you’re done with it and you’re still able to access that message in this folder but your inbox stays clean.

Unfortunately IMAP doesn’t offer any other option to do this as IMAP synchronizes all your content with the server so the application allows you to see the exact same content, the All Mail folder on the other hand is only synchronized when you click on the folder, and if you don’t want to access it all you can also hide this folder from IMAP connections, that way it won’t be accessible in eM client at all.

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But looking at the headline of this topic, if what you want is to setup a POP3 account, you can do so when setting up a new account, just don’t use the automatic setup but switch to the mail tab below and select ‘Other’, and proceed with the steps, there’s the option to setup the account as POP.


I’m setting up POP, but don’t want it to pull tons of emails down from Google.  I guess I can archive messages in Google to get them out of the inbox, then start up the POP to have it pull down.  All the other messages will simply be in folders on eM that I’ve imported from outlook. 

I assume on my first sync, eM will pull every message that’s in my Google inbox, whether read or unread.  Guess I could just delete them all too (first turning off eM “delete when deleted from trash” so they don’t get wiped off of Google).  I think I’ll try the Google archive.

If you’re setting up a POP account, eM Client will only download unread email as this is what POP protocol was designed for.
POP3 accounts only download your new email from the server and leaves anything else on the server.

If you setup the account check your accounts settings, as the default settings for POP accounts are set to delete your messages from the server after X days.

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