Public Key not verified

I’m back to using eMClient as my default email. Everytime I start emclient, I get a message that says “Public Key … for email address stuff511 was uploadded to eM Keybook, but has not been verified yet…”

How do I verifiy my email address?


When I upload a key to the Keybook, it is immediately verified and the icon changes from red to green.

Do you have a Pro License, Ed? I am wondering if this is maybe a Pro License feature.

Hi Gary, Thanks for your reply. I’m used Mailbird for a couple of years and I’m back. I hope I like this better. And thanks again for your reply. I’m not sure what my question was all about, but I’m not having any problems right now. Do you have the pro version? I paid for Mailbird and I pay for lots of stuff on the Internet these days. I kind of hate spending money this way, but I’m probably going to buy the Pro version soon.

By the way, I wrote an email and saved the draft. Now I reopened it to send. Where the heck is the SEND button?


How did you open it?

Did you just single click so it is displayed in the preview? (no send button)

Or did you double click on it to open it in edit mode? (includes send button)

I opened with single click. Hell. I don’t remember my question now.

A single click will not open the draft. It will just display it in the preview section.

You need to double-click on the draft to open it. When you have finished editing, click on Send.

Got it. Thanks for your help.