Public holidays calendar

would it be possible to add “Belgian public holidays” in the calendar ?

I found a lot of contries but Belgium is missing (Luxembourg too)

Thanks in advance for your help

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Tell me, do you think if you’ll add this in a future update ?
Or maybe do you have a link to add manualy ?


You can wait, but who knows when, or if, it will be added.

If you have a Google Calendar, or any of the other free providers like,, etc, they all provide holiday calendars.

Or you can subscribe to a Belgian Holidays Calendar (or any other country) from a free subscription site like this one.
Google it. There are many others. Then add your holidays calendar to eMC.

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I can’t add “” to the calendar of eMC.
I tried to modify a calendar (Hungary for example) but it’s not possible.

I hope it will be add in a future update :slight_smile:

Did you click on that link in your post?
You’ll get a belgium.ics file that you can save and apply to any calendar you want.

Impossible to add manually belgium.ics

I’ll wait for next update of eMC with Belgium public holidays included :innocent:

This is why I said to add it using your existing calendar provider. If it is already working in their web interface, it will sync with eM Client.