pst-import problems after a crash during an import of the same pst-file

Hi, I started an import of an otulook pst.file. The import begins and runs to 998 of 14400 items. Then my Laptop crashed (I really don ́t think the crash was initiated by eM Client). But after restarting the laptop and try the import again, it always runs in the error “Beim import ist ein unerwarteter Fehler aufgetreten”. The error occurs after selecting the destination location and the import seems to be started ( 0 / 14400 items). I think there a fragments of the first import still in DB / filesystem and every import now has the problem, that there will be tried to import items that are saved before (and because of unique keys or something else they can ́t be imported a second time). But the problem is, how can I clean up eM Client to get the data imported? I deleted the folder “Outlook Import” in the hope that this will be cleaned all data which was imported before but the error still occurs. So what for a solution do you have for this issue?

Thanx in advanced for help!



I think the only possible solution is to delete your existing database, create the accounts again and import your data from Outlook again. If your current database contains any locally saved data, export them and then import back to the new database.