Proxy settings

Can eM Client offer an option for Proxy Settings. Proxy Servers are used by now-a-days by most academic institutions. By not having option for proxy settings, eM Clients rules out a large number of its admirers…:frowning:

eM Client automatically use proxy when it is set in internet settings in Windows. However, we are considerating option to override proxy settings in eM Client.

I wish it happens that way at my place. Our network security is too tight and unless you set a proxy, it wouldn’t now allow anything to connect to net. :frowning:

Hi there? well can u tell me how do you apply proxy settings?

my company uses proxy with login. unable to use em client because of it. even though em client may use IE’s settings, but since I am unable to specify the username/password for em client’s sessions, i am unable to use it in my company

I have exactly same problem.

unfortunately, login and password information are not taken from Internet Explorer settings. We consider the solution for the issue.
You can use some application that force login information to all programs (as e.g. Proxyfier).

please consider another case. my company uses cloub based proxy - which i think is getting really popular these days. this kind of proxy doesn’t need any local software to be installed. any access to internet is automatically routed through this proxy automatically. as a result, say when you access google for the first time, the internet explorer will display a website to enter your credentials and then display please add support for such kinds of proxies too.