proxy authentication failed 407

I use with enthusiasm emClient. In my network structure, is active an Server authentication proxy. For this cause, after 14days from last update check, emClient not download the messages and go Offline. This is a very problem, because I have urgency to send and receive mail and to resolve this problem I have to connect a computer to the internet key drive, disconnect it from the network lan, close and restart emclient, but always returns the problem of authentication failure. So you lose a lot of time to download the messages.

I have chack the Internet explorer settings for proxy server, but this is disallowed.

How to set a proxy on emClient or resolve this problem whit a new develop?


Hi, unfortunately eM Client does not support proxy settings, unless you’re using windows credentials for authentication. If you’re using windows credentials, can you send me an email with a reference link to this forum topic to , I can send you a workaround for this issue.

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in my case, I edited the file “MailClient.exe.config” and it worked
search the internet for “proxy authentication app.config”

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>"; />

Hi, thank you for sharing your solution, just to note this should work when using no authentication with the proxy server.
We also have a solution for proxy setup using windows credentials. If you’re using windows credentials for authentication with proxy server, send us an email and we can send you an edited config file.

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Hi Paul, can you please tell me the address to send this info to?

Hi Pedro, not really sure what do you mean. If you’re using Windows Credentials with your proxy send me an email with a reference link to this forum topic to just as I mentioned above.
If you’re using a different set of credentials not the eM Client does not support proxy authentication.

The above solution from Nicassion is for people using proxy without authentication.

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