Protonmail Bridge limited funtion

I just downloaded and installed eM Client to use with Protonmail. I’m using the Protonmail Bridge and it is partially working. I can see my messages and send and reply but there is nothing in the body of the message. Just the subject line. Anyone know what’s up with that? I’m trying eM Client since Postbox doesn’t work with Protonmail Bridge. If I can’t get eM Client to work fully with Bridge I won’t be buying a Pro license and fully switch from Postbox. Looks like I’ll be stuck with Thunderbird if this can’t be resolved.

Usually when an email is encrypted, eM Client will not show the body text.

You should have the option to enter your password to view the body text.

It’s not PGP.

Sorry, I am not a Protonmail Bridge user. Maybe it is SMIME or some proprietary encryption format.

Probably. Looks like I’m going with Thunderbird. Oh well.

If you would like, you could send me a sample of a message that is doing this.

Right-click on a message and choose Forward as attachment.

Hi there, I’m also an Protonmail user and have installed the bridge. I have the same problem with eM Client and Protonmail Bridge. The body of the email is not displayed, the header is shown. 

The Protonmail Bridge is a background service which takes care of the decryption of the emails and offers an imap/smtp server for the email client to retrieve/send emails. Details here:

An email coming through Protonmail Bridge shows the complete header and the body is just blank. When I look at the “View Email Source” the whole email is seen including the body information.
Please find below a screenshot of the viewed email and the its source. I have changed the display options in eM Client to only show text, but the problem still persists. 

Please advise how this could be solved.

Hi there, meanwhile it seems to work.
Software Versions:

  • emClient 7.1.31849.0
  • ProtonMail Bridge v1.0.2


Postbox Beta 6 is working for me. Just waiting for the final version.

I have same problem - able to sen/ receive & sync but the text of encrypted messages is blank… 
I am able to see body of messages sent non-encrypted.  Can not see message body from protonmail account users.   Therefore, looking to Protonmail for help - will respond if I learn something. 
emClient 7.1.31849.0
Protonmail Bridge v1.0.3

ProtonMail replied - they politely told me to F-Off.
“We don’t officially support other email clients other than Outlook, Apple Mail and Thunderbird”
I’m posting my Account settings.  Please comment if you see an error. Cheers

Hello Wilfried,  I would appreciate if you would compare your configuration to the Account settings I’ve posted below.  Bridge is configured and passing information, but not the contents of secure messages.  Best Regards, Nick N

They might not officially support other email clients, but they do claim that their software has full integration “with any program that supports IMAP and SMTP”.

I wonder if you change the setting to download for offline use, if that will make a difference?

The normal way that IMAP works in eM Client is that it only downloads the header, and then fetches the body when you click on the email. This way it might fetch the full message.

Thank you for the suggestion. 
I’ve tried changing this setting (then restarting both the  ProtonMail Bridge and the eMclient app) without success. 
To rub salt in the wound ProtonMail won’t allow me to post request for user assistance on their forum site - yesterday’s posting is" Your comment is awaiting moderation. "

Hopefully Wilfried will respond.

If you have an eM Client Pro License, you could open a support ticket. They might be able to help you further, but there was a mention on Reddit that described eM Client as failing in exactly the way you describe. So it is possible that it is not a setting that is incorrect.…

I got it working - did a write up of the process called
ProtonMail Bridge and New Account Configuration…
Summary, I’m guessing the weak link is timing at Protonmail’s end.  Hope this helps someone else.  Cheers

Thanks Nick for taking the time to provide all those annotated screenshots. :slight_smile: